Cafés/restaurants and dog-friendly cinema W1D

We’re just discussing the film!

Picturehouse Central – Piccadilly, London W1D 7DH

The downstairs café is dog-friendly but, more importantly, once a month you can take your dog with you to certain dog-friendly film showings for the bargain sum of £8.00. The cinema limits the number of dogs so it doesn’t get too crazy and you are given a blanket to put over the chair for your dog to sit on. We went in 15 minutes before the screen opened to get a good seat and to settle the dogs. When the adverts came on it was quite loud and I wasn’t sure how Barnaby was going to be, but as the main picture started the cinema was completely quiet! During the film there was the odd woof (which was met with laughter) but otherwise the dogs were all incredibly well- behaved. Barnaby and the other three dogs I was with just slept on the chairs, and my reassuring stroke, when I thought the film might be a bit loud, was met with a bit of hand-licking!

We’re ready!

You don’t have to have a dog to go to these screenings, but you probably need to be a dog-lover! My tip would be to get there a bit early to settle your dog and to avoid the seats with leg room where people can walk past. The dogs sitting here were more likely to bark at people walking by. Also take treats and water for your dog (although there were a few water bowls in the hall outside the screen). Wherever I go, whether to a pub, café or restaurant, I always give Barnaby a treat before I ask him to settle down, and I did the same thing here so he knew what was expected of him. I’d highly recommend the experience for a fun Sunday morning out and there was such a lovely atmosphere!

I’m not sure about these skeletons!

We went with May Wong and  her dogs Miss Darcy and George (and Marley!). Check out her blog  for an extensive list of dog-friendly places!