Travelling with your dog in Europe

I’m ready!

Pet passport

It’s very straightforward to take your pet in and out of Europe once you have your pet passport. Speak to your vet as soon as possible when you know you want to travel as timing is important.

To  get a pet passport

  • your pet must be microchipped (this is the law now)
  • your pet must be vaccinated against rabies  – n.b. you must wait 21 days from the date of your pet’s first rabies vaccination before you can enter an EU listed country
  • your vet will complete all the information in the passport for you, check all the details are correct

This is the trickier bit…don’t assume just because you have a passport that is it!

When you re-enter the UK you must have had your dog treated for tapeworm by a registered vet not less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before you arrive back in the UK.  The vet will also give your dog a quick physical examination to check that they are fit to travel. They will then complete the passport with the details of the worming tablet and sign, date and time the passport. CHECK ALL these details have been completed and are correct before leaving the vet! Our vet very kindly gives us his mobile number in case there are any problems.

For more information visit:

Travelling in France  If you visit France regularly with your dog, the great news is that you can get your dog’s microchip registered on the French system for a small fee.  You will need to complete an I-CAD form (importation ou echanges intra communautaires) – that your vet should be able to give you. Your vet will also need to complete a section of the form and sign it, and will hopefully help you if you get stuck with the French! Once completed you need to send it off with copies of your pet passport, and payment, to the address on the form. For more information visit –